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Substance use Counseling

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  • Moral reconation Group (MRT)

  • Relapse Prevention group

  • Seeking Safety

  • ADIS

  • Substance Use Eval

  • Gain assessments

  • Coping skills group

  • Dragonfly Support Services believes in treating the whole individual from the beginning.  Substance Use treatment is designed to meet the individual needs of adults and adolescents on an outpatient basis. Through a combination of therapeutic techniques, your treatment team will help you identify limiting beliefs and coping mechanisms that may be standing your way.

    We provide individual and group based treatment in addition to our family and couples treatment options.  Whether you are court ordered or identify an internal motivation for change, Dragonfly is pleased to offer the following services to our community:

    • GAIN Assessments

    • DUI/Substance Use Evaluations

      • Some same day or urgent evaluation appointments available at an additional fee.

    • Level 1 Outpatient Treatment

    • Level 0.5 Education (Alcohol Drug Information School/ADIS)

    • Co-Occurring treatment is an option with our staff.

    Substance Use Treatment

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