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Couples/Family Counseling

Marriage & Family Therapy

People in relationships seek counseling for a number of reasons; power struggles, communication problems, sexual dissatisfaction, infidelity, abuse, trauma/PTSD, separation divorce, and more. Studies have shown on average it takes six years for a couple having issues to seek help.  Sometimes all it takes to get a relationship on track is a tune up and basic maintenance while other times it may need a total overhaul with restoration. The earlier a couple comes in for counseling the sooner they are able to interrupt unhealthy patterns and replace them with healthy tools for better connection, communication, and intimacy.

Couples counseling is offered as a support for people seeking any number of relational issues. While the relationship is the focus in these sessions, the individuals will be guided to focus on their own self- awareness and individual sessions may be a beneficial addition as well. 

All communications with your treatment team are kept strictly confidential. Family members are encouraged to participate in the treatment (when applicable).

Family Therapy



  • Communication Skills

  • Sexual Dissatisfaction

  • Infidelity

  • Trauma

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